A Happy Blogiversary Welcome Back

Dear friends,


Thank you for dropping in for this silly blog's eighth anniversary. I don't remember why I started it, and certainly it's seen a lot of incarnations over time. I've been lucky enough to meet some great friends here, and appreciated the folks who followed along with my mundane adventures.

Over the past couple years, and mostly in this year, I've had some mental companions that've made wanting to write anything difficult. My priorities changed as my perspective changed as my life changed and this place needed a little hiatus. The last five years have been the most untypical of my life; there were deaths, and divorce, and depression. There was a major move and resettling, and there were things that were easy to identify but took a while to understand. I think things are better now.

When I used to post here regularly, I wrote more non-blog stuff regularly. I practiced writing and I read more. I have some sort-of secret writing goals and to meet them, I need practice. So as part of that process, I'll try to write here a bit more. I also hope to keep far-flung friends and family updated on what's happening in my little world.

A few administrative updates. All past posts have been unpublished, and comments have been turned off. If you'd like to comment on something I say here, I encourage you to send an email or contact me however you usually do. Comments by mail especially welcome.

With gratitude,