Extraordinary Opportunity!

League of Extraordinary Penpals

Would you believe that there's a League of Extraordinary Penpals?!?!
What a cute idea! Of course I've already signed up (Am I supposed to tell you that?) and am looking forward to receiving the first newsletter with all the swaps and printables and other goodies that come with membership in the League.

Go check it out!


Laura L. said...

Thanks for helping us spread the word about LEP! You are super! [pun intended!] :)

Jessica Nelson said...

I'm signing up too!! I can't WAIT!!!! It sounds like so much fun! :D

PostMuse said...

Looks like fun! But ... I am super slow penpal, so I suspect I would be more a villain than a superhero.

Angie said...

I joined too, very excited!

League of Extraordinary Penpals said...

Thank you for telling your readers about LEP!

And PostMuse, there's something for everyone in every newsletter... You don't have to sign up for the penpal swaps or do the snail mail challenges if you don't want to! You can just read the articles, the interviews and have fun with the printables :)

Julie said...

Oops, the previous comment was from me!