It's Not About that Stupid Song Everybody Plays on the Piano

I was recently re-turned on to using chopsticks as my primary eating utensil thanks to a friend on My Fitness Pal. I previously used them quite regularly because it helps to slow me down and make me more mindful of eating my meals. It's a bit messy sometimes but that's only when I try to use the chopsticks as a shovel, like a fork. Also I can't really get accustomed to the Asian habit of slurping (or maybe it's just a Tibetan thing. Or maybe it's just a husband thing!) noodles and soup. I come from the school of thought which believes that if someone can hear you eating, you're doing it wrong.

So, part of eating with chopsticks is preparing the food to be eaten with chopsticks. That means practicing more mindfulness in the kitchen, cutting things up carefully, into bite-size, pick up-able  pieces. It's deliberate and a nice practice.

I had 1 or 2 pair of chopsticks but when I found a set of bunny-themed sticks on Amazon, I had to have them. They work well and don't have the little rings that my others have. I know they're there to help but I just like the smooth ones better.

How about you? Have you any pair you'd like to trade? I have 5 sets of rabbit-themed sticks and would be willing to participate in a trade if you're game.

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  1. I've tried to learn to use chopsticks and fail miserably. Years ago, I had a friend who used them as part of her mindful eating habits and she tried to teach me but I could never get the hang of them. I've even watched tutorial videos and still a no go! Some day I'll learn and be a chopstick wiz!


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