Simple Woman's Daybook for January

Outside my window...my new little car Grace sits across the street, resting up for the commute to work early tomorrow. Beep beep!

I am thinking...about doing a cooking for one series on the blog. I'm not sure I can commit to it but I'm thinking about it. It wouldn't be anything fancy, but simple, real food in portions meant for one. 

I am thankful...for my friends and family. This year I'm going to do a better job of showing and telling them how much I appreciate their love and support.

In the kitchen...a mess! Quinoa EVERYWHERE!

I am wearing...navy blue hoodie, paint-stained denim skirt, paint-stained grey recycle shirt, grey/white/black argyle socks. And a pretty nice bed head hair-style going on. Sticking straight up all by itself!

I am creating...Well, I just made a pile of envelopes from the 2012 HSUS calendar. And earlier today I created a list of online stationery and sticker sources. Please let me know of your favourite stationery sources to include on the list!

I am going...to work overtime tomorrow. And maybe the next day. Anytime they offer it, I'll work it. Grace wasn't free and neither is feeding my stationery and sticker habit. And juice habit.

I am wondering...if the post office will hold my parcel until I have time to go pick it up (which would be next Wednesday). Probably not, so I'll ask that it be re-delivered and left at the door. I'll just trust humanity to leave it be until I get home. 

I am reading...nothing. I haven't felt like reading much lately. Plus I owe the library like $20 in fines for late books and not picking up books I requested via interlibrary loan. Gah! Somebody recommend a read for me.I'll get to the library to pay that fine one of these days. Next Wednesday, say.

I am hoping...I can take my health more seriously this year. I'm worth a healthy heart and weight.

I am looking forward to...my paycheck on Friday reflecting holiday pay from working Christmas. I'm buying stamps and making a payment towards my Tibetan Nuns Project sponsorship. 

I am learning...to ignore the negative voice in my head.

Around the house...juice bottles! I've been drinking Knudsen and Welch's sparkling juices like a lush. The bottles are all lined up near the door waiting to be recycled. 

I am pondering...heading to the market after work tomorrow since I didn't go today.

A favorite quote for today..."I'm not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance." -- Jon Stewart (seen on Pinterest)

One of my favorite things...a pair of purple velour slippers I ordered the other day. They should arrive this week sometime. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...working as much overtime as is available. Remembering to pack lunch and snacks for all that time spent at work. 

A peek into my day...this was my commute on 1/1/2013. It was like a dream! The 405 NEVER looks like this.


  1. Lovely entry. :)

    Thank you for the list of stationery and sticker resources. I'll make good use of that, I'm sure.

    I used to have a cooking for one group and blog and if you do a series on cooking for one, I'd be interested in reading. It's a challenge, especially after years of cooking for an army or even one other person.

    I hope your weekend is lovely!

  2. the simple woman's daybook brought me here. liked the picture of the empty highway on new years day! never thought of it being like that!


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