In Which I Take an Aptitude Test

I like tests that I can't fail. I also like tests and quizzes that give me some kind of insight into my own nature, interests, behaviours, etc. So when I found an online aptitude test through the intranet at work, I had to give it a try. It was the MasteryWorks TalentSort Cards Assessment. The test involved me sorting a bunch of digital cards with characteristics and interests on them into piles and smaller piles, at the end of which they gave me a report.

There are four main interest areas: People, Ideas, Data, and Things. You get a score of a percentage for each area, totaling up to 100%. Here I am, broken down by interest:

People 10%. This involves coaching, collaborating, leading... none of which I really have the patience for. I am not a born manager and have trouble with people not following rules. So 10% is pretty darn accurate.
Ideas 50%. Ideas means creating, learning, reading, studying, writing, correcting, editing. I'm all for that stuff.
Data 30%. Auditing, budgeting, computing... eh, I guess so. I like the idea of data insofar as it's the result of ideas.
Things 10% include assembling, building, inventorying. Um, that sounds like hard work, so... no.

The report goes on to show you which areas of your employer's businesses would be a good fit for you.  My top three:

Business Operations: This is where I currently work.
Human Capital: This is where I'd rather work.
Pharmacy: This is the middle where I'll probably land.

So the test didn't particularly tell me anything I didn't already know but it did give me a push towards earning a professional license/certification this year.  Not that the idea doesn't still freak me out but this year I'm facing my fears and going for it.

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