Word of the Year 2013

I've been thinking about my Word of the Year since late December. It was just this afternoon when I was flipping through my local library's online catalog perusing the fine collection of home organization and decluttering books that I came across the following word:


It sums up everything I want this year to be. Neat, tidy, organized, focused, purposeful: Orderly. It means not only physical neatness but also an established order or rule. I've been struggling with having a regular, purposeful daily schedule for years now and this is the year to finally get it down. This is also the year to squelch my horrendous homekeeping skills (or lack thereof). My out-of-whack black-or-white perfectionism that, like a fortress, stands between me and the orderly life I want has got to go.

Let's get on with the business of cultivating orderliness, shall we? Yes, we shall. 

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