Look What I Bought: the Passion Planner

photo courtesy Passion Planner
I have been in search of the perfect planner for literally years. I usually go through at least 5 planners per year, each offering something different, but never having all the bits and pieces I was looking for. Last year was the first in many years that I actually only used one planner for the entire year but even that planner, beloved as it was, was missing some elements. I got a basic Mead planner to start the year but I was still in search of just the right design.

I was flicking about Pinterest the other day, looking for planner printables and ideas when I came across a pin for the Passion Planner.


The Passion Planner has all of the elements that I've been looking for, all in one tidy, attractive package!
  • It's made of recycled paper
  • It's full notebook-sized
  • It has both monthly and weekly pages
  • It has pages for notes in-between the months
  • It has a slick black cover perfect for stickers and personalization
  • It has personal and business to-do sections for each week
  • It has blank space for each week for doodles and random ideas (or stickers!)
  • It has timed spaces for each day, from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
  • It has inspirational quotes for each week
  • It has sections for recording goals and actions for each month
  • The pages are thick and perfect for everything from pencil to ball point to felt tip pens
  • The good people at Passion Planner ship quickly!
  • The printing is black and white and very clean, perfect for adding your own decoration and colours (like stickers!)
If I didn't already have tomorrow off, I'd consider taking the day off from work to stay home and play with my new Passion Planner. The 2014 edition is currently on sale for $30... that's $20 off! That's like 0.082 cents per day!* That's a bargain to me because my planner is my port in the storm. It helps keep me together and I'm comforted just by having it around. It sits open at my desk at work, and my desk at home. Sample pages are available on the website so you can give the system a try before buying. 

*I was not reimbursed nor coerced to say good things about the Passion Planner. I purchased my planner and am reviewing it merely as a customer. My review only represents my own opinions.  

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  1. Intriguing - I'm going to check it out! I currently use a "stream of consciousness" notebook for lack of a better tool, and I can't find a calendar or productivity manager that really fits my needs. So this seems worth a shot. Thanks for mentioning it!


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