Let's Get Simple

I'm taking an online writing course and one of the first things we're talking about it having a foundation for your writing. I know this blog is about as random as my thoughts (it is my blog, after all) and that's fine but I don't think I've done a very good job about showing the common thread that runs through all my thoughts: a desire for simplicity. 

Simple faith. Buddhism can get complicated and philosophical but it's fundamentally about seeing the world as it is, and practicing compassion. I'd like to do a better job of integrating the Buddha's teachings into my daily life. 

Simple health. I'd like to be healthy. I'd like to be a comfortable weight and take minimal medications. I'd like my mental health to be well-managed and much improved. 

Simple finances. I'd like to have a nest-egg in the bank, enough to cover my modest needs, and a little extra to share with others. 

Simple love. I'd like my friends and family to know I love them, and be open to receiving their love in return. 

Simple home. I'd like a small home with few possessions. I'd like to only have things that are regularly useful and/or meaningful. 

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  1. Beautiful!! I'm looking forward to read more blog posts from you. I feel that I think very similar to that myself.
    /Maria (Writing in the digital age)



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