One City Owl Designs & a Giveaway!

Hello, all! 

I wanted to take a minute to encourage you to jump over from your reader to check out the new design on the blog. Both the portrait and the template were created by Sabrina of One City Owl Designs. I'm very pleased with her work and her work ethic... I wanted a few things customized and she didn't hesitate to make the changes. I found her fees to be entirely reasonable and she was professional and friendly during every communication. I encourage you to check out her Etsy shop and also her blog. She offers blog templates (with installation!), clip art, and two different styles of portraits. 

Sabrina is hosting a giveaway for a custom portrait! If you love my new portrait and would like one of your own, go enter!!

Why'd I make a huge 180 from my rocking bird design to a soft purple and grey chevron design? I like the red and black bird but I felt like it was a little rough and I really wanted something purple and grey. Red's not my favourite colour. You'll still see the occasional bird pop up here because I love birds but the basics of the design remain as Sabrina designed them. 

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  1. i loved the bird, but your blog looks good. Sabrina does good work.


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